Real Estate and Land Development

Real Estate and Land Development Lawyers in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania

The attorneys of Dimmich & Dinkelacker, P.C. law firm are experienced and well grounded in the area of real estate and land development, having served area communities as municipal solicitors for many years and representing municipal, commercial and individual clients at hearings and in litigation.

This experience has given the firm’s lawyers a big-picture perspective. Municipal solicitors and representatives of municipal corporations need to be involved with every type of issue and problem that can come up for a borough, township or city, including labor law, environmental law, contract law and, of course, matters directly relating to commercial and residential real estate.

Leveraging municipal experience for developers

In the land development area, the firm’s experience has allowed its attorneys to become conversant with environmental law, sales acquisition, eminent domain, subdivision, zoning, easements, title issues, water and sewer, and zoning questions.

Dimmich & Dinkelacker  can draw upon direct involvement with boroughs, townships, cities and municipal authorities in all of the land development areas listed above and use that know-how and experience to benefit developers and builders in the private sector.

They are intimately familiar with the systems and statutes under which municipalities operate and can facilitate the legal hurdles developers need to negotiate, helping them secure everything they legally require to move forward more efficiently and affordably with their projects.

Representing individual homeowners

In the residential area, the firm has represented individual homeowners who have had to appear before local zoning boards and other entities, handling a broad range of real estate, zoning, environmental and land use issues.

Mr. Dimmich is also a licensed title agent, so buyers and sellers of residential real estate don’t have to pay additional fees to an abstracting company to handle title issues.

Efficient, affordable real estate solutions including litigation

The firm provides effective litigation in real estate cases involving individuals, municipalities and corporations large and small, and represents clients on various appellate actions as well.

Their representation of residential homeowners, developers and municipalities alike has given them an unparalleled perspective on the needs of each party, and how to expedite matters to keep costs down.

Call for quick answers

Dimmich & Dinkelacker knows that all in real estate matters, the desirability of timely, cost-effective resolution is a given. The faster that issues can be settled, the lower the costs and the happier the participants. The firm’s clients seek efficient, prompt and accurate answers, and the attorneys of Dimmich & Dinkelacker always provide them.

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