Municipal Law

Skilled Municipal Law Attorneys in Eastern, Pennsylvania

Municipal law is probably one of the broadest areas of legal practice, and the knowledge and experience that Dimmich & Dinkelacker brings to it is decidedly deeper than almost any other legal firm of comparable size. The attorneys have represented a number of municipal entities ranging from boroughs, townships and authorities to zoning hearing boards and civil service commissions.

Most notable are attorney Jeffrey Dimmich’s decades of involvement as a solicitor for a cross-section of municipalities, and Thomas Dinkelacker’s experience with municipal employment issues, insurance law, municipal corporations, and workers’ compensation. Both lawyers have represented municipal and corporate clients in terms of adhering to local statutes and applying the laws to specific cases.

Both attorneys have served as advisors and have helped cities, counties and corporations stake out positions and take legal initiatives on issues like zoning, labor law and negotiations, environmental matters, land use, assessment appeals and real estate development. They have also helped to resolve conflicts and disputes in these areas, and have litigated the issues as needed.

Tax work, personal injury

To say that municipal law is a diverse, multi-disciplinary legal area is not doing it justice, just as saying that the attorneys of Dimmich & Dinkelacker  are “experienced” in municipal law speaks volumes about the range of legal issues they have mastered.

In addition to the municipal law areas listed above, their list of capabilities also includes tax work, business privilege, farmland and property tax matters as well as defending municipalities in personal injury cases brought against them, and contract drafting and contract disputes for municipalities.

The lawyers at Dimmich & Dinkelacker are skilled and experienced in an impressive range of municipal law matters. Contact them for a consultation and learn how their capabilities can work for you.