About Us

Dimmich & Dinkelacker, P.C. lawfirm has provided high quality legal services in real estate, land development, municipal law, personal injury, workers’ compensation and commercial law and litigation to the residents and municipal governments of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

Experienced Municipal and Commercial Law Attorneys in Eastern, Pennsylvania

More than thirty years ago, attorney Jeffrey R. Dimmich opened the doors of his firm with the same simple objectives to serve his clients.

His primary goal was to provide top-quality legal services at fair rates. Next, he wanted his practice to stay relatively small, to avoid situations where clients would have their initial consultation with a power lawyer, only to have all their truly important detail work delegated to paralegals and junior associates after that first meeting. In addition, Mr. Dimmich wanted to balance the high quality legal guidance with a generous measure of personal service in handling his clients’ legal matters.

Today, the law firm of Dimmich & Dinkelacker has grown, prospered, and produced a steady supply of satisfied clients because the firm has remained true to those values. Even the firm’s paralegals are excellent: They have been with the firm for 20 years.

Experienced, effective, affordable

Dimmich & Dinkelacker clients have the assurance that experienced attorneys are involved in every stage of their cases. The firm’s lawyers can combine their knowledge of the details of their cases with innovative legal strategies to maximize the chances of success in every legal matter.

This approach has proven out many times in cases where Dimmich & Dinkelacker attorneys have gone up against Philadelphia’s white-shoe firms and come out winners – in great part because the big-city lawyers had indeed funneled the detail work to juniors and come to court without a real grasp of the details that often make or break a case.

Importantly, Dimmich & Dinkelacker has achieved this level of legal excellence while typically offering its clients more efficient and affordable solutions than bigger firms.

Excellence in a range of practice areas

Dimmich & Dinkelacker attorneys focus their expertise in several practice areas and offer exceptional experience and guidance in each one:

Individuals, corporations and municipalities alike receive the same level of service and legal know-how they would enjoy from a large and expensive law firm, but with important extras such as personal attention, a prompt response to every client phone call, and reasonable fees.

Contact the law firm of Dimmich & Dinkelacker, P.C., for an initial consultation of your legal issue and a candid assessment of your case.